Essence of

Each SEAcoin is a piece of the Greek island area, where research and commercial activities in the field of artificial intelligence, alternative energy and robotics will be conducted. We want to create a community of researchers and enthusiasts who will create new technologies and work without being distracted by everyday problems and everyday life. This island will be a closed territory and getting to it will be possible, having a piece of the island, i.e., being the project‘s investor and possessing SEAcoin tokens. For the long-standing inhabitants, the Island will provide a work visa, and for holidaygoers there will be provided a visit visa.

On the Island, a startup-incubator will be created, provided with an appropriate infrastructure, including a scientific town with a Centre for Studies and workplaces, a sports and entertainment center, a greenhouse complex, a vineyard, and also a tourist building for investors. In addition to the startups development, commercial activities in the field of information technologies will be conducted on the Island, which will allow covering the costs of the incubator and the maintenance of the Island at the initial stage. For investors, there will be built a tourist complex with 160 rooms, where one can live for free and enjoy the island life.

For investors

Investment in a promising and highly remunerative ICO-project gives an opportunity to increase manifold of the invested funds without risking herewith the investments provided by the Island’s land.

For startuppers

There’s an opportunity to deal with an interesting activity in the friendly environment among likeminded people. Creation of the comfortable conditions for work and life is a priority for us.

For freelancers

We’ll create the hyped up Island’s media brand, which will allow filling a niche of IT and information business. There will be an opportunity to work being both on the Island and in any other convenient location.

Burning issues on the ICO-project:

The Island is the real estate object, in contradistinction from the air of other crypto-currencies and will never cost less than its real value. The Island itself is a motivation for employment and fruitful work on it. Due to the absence of social and cultural irritants, the working activity on the Island will be more effective, and life will be more comfortable. The Island itself is a recognizable brand that can become a decisive factor in choosing a contractor for commercial work or purchasing technologies.

When purchasing the Island a company will be opened, which will maintain the Island and will be the employer for people who live and work there. For the long-standing inhabitants, the Island will provide a work visa. For investors who want to visit the Island or take a rest there, the company will provide a visit visa. For large investors, the company will provide investment passports.

When purchasing the Island a company will be opened to which the Island will be registered officially. Herewith SEAcoin will legally be bound to the Island’s area. Consequently, the cost of seacoin will directly depend on the Island’s price, and its owners will automatically become the owners of the Island.

Our investors are people who want to live on the Island, work there or conduct scientific activities. They are also people, who want make profits from crypto-currencies without risking herewith losing their funds. In addition, our investors are people who are pleased to be art and part in something unusual and ambitious, leading and unique!

Since the cost of SEAcoin will directly depend on the Island’s price, the cost of one token at each stage of development will only grow. At the initial stages we’ll create infrastructure and improvements, which will double the Island’s price. Further, working on startups and conducting commercial activities will attract wide attention to the Island, which again will cause its price increase, and, accordingly, the cost increase of the SEAcoin token. Turning the Island into a symbol of scientific progress and an ideal place of life, we’ll make the land of the Island golden!

Greece is an inexpensive country with a flexible attitude to laws, where finding common language with authorities is much easier than in other European countries. Construction of infrastructures here will be cheaper, while quality and comfort standards will remain at a high European level. In addition, Greeks are more similar to us by state of mind and spirit, what will allow avoiding complicated adaptation to a local society.

First of all, there are online business, online games, startups and IT industry. We’ll gather professionals of these industries on the Island and will work distantly under the Island’s brand name. We plan to invoke funds and work actively on technical startups in the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics and alternative energy. Also, we’ll deal with vine growing and farming, what will partially allow providing development of the Island itself and, accordingly, reducing expense for its maintenance.